Your sacred beauty transformation begins here

Nothing in my childhood told me that I was going to become a lifelong student of beauty or a creator of fine European luxury. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming someone that my father would be proud of, which meant a path in finance — someone so wealthy that I could start my own bank.

In fact, that’s what I played as a little girl! In my room, I imagined that my desk was inside the bank executive office and on my desk were very business type of things: calculators, staplers, and phones. I would imagine customers coming into my office to ask for a loan, and I would punch in numbers on the calculator, staple some papers, and voilá, their loan would be approved! In high school, we had to look up our targeted careers in the occupational directory and I remember asking my teacher, how come the occupation of financier wasn’t listed?

Of course, the universe had an entirely different plan for me. The forces intervened to send me into design school at Parsons School of Design in New York, an education which I deeply loved. But after graduation, I went back to my roots and reentered the music business to become a powerful international agent (I worked in show business since I was a teen). By the end of that career, I was wrecked. The universe abruptly swept me off my feet and shoved me into a brutal spiritual awakening.

After a decade of healing now and counting, I’ve discovered how self–sabotaging and delaying it is to not live a life of integrity, and what it truly means to be authentic, to appreciate my unique path, and to stick to the higher plan. Being ourselves is never easy because if it were, everybody would do it!

Melting into surrender; a romance with the Goddesses

The night that Goddess Shakti came to me, I had been crying and begging the universe to show me how to be in my feminine power. A voice said softly in my right ear that it was Shakti, and she would be working with me for one hundred days to realign my energy to this ancient feminine wisdom.

For the better part of my life, I didn’t really understand what it meant to be female. Shakti opened me up to the possibility of not just being feminine but to actually just be myself — a Goddess of Love that didn’t need to do anything or be anything to be loved. There was nothing within my programming that told me that I didn’t need to go out and push for what I wanted, to strive harder, to be even better than I was before (competing with myself), and of course, nothing about surrendering to the Divine, letting go of control, or receiving help. Some of the most painful lessons I’ve had to learn was that I was not in charge—the universe was.

During and shortly after those hundred days with Shakti, I ended up writing a course titled Goddess Rising: Your Sacred Beauty Revolution, which I will be sharing with you bit by bit.

More recently, it was Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and in a highly purposeful way, Goddess Isis, who helped me sink deeper into the teachings of the Divine Feminine. The values that I had been espousing and seeking for the last few years would all be decoded and unveiled to me, values that I deeply treasure and uphold: inner beauty, inner love, abundance, magic, manifestation and power. I feel utterly happy to offer myself as a vessel for Divine energy and I came to unfold another layer of my inner beauty, for which I feel immense appreciation.

Entering into the Goddess dimension

Through all of this healing and self–discovery, I realized how much I adore myself and love being a woman. I cherish my sensitivity and vulnerability. I value and appreciate that I can’t do what a man can do, and that we aren’t equals, but that we are complementary. The beauty of who I am inspires me and I yearn to glow from within. I wonder of being as beautiful, as transformative, and as free as a butterfly.

The work of releasing the past, shifting my energy, raising my vibration and frequency, using spiritual technologies, downloading light codes, and studying the laws of the universe, brought me a wellspring of sacred wisdom that I will share with you here.

And not only is there wisdom, but there is joy as well. The ability to experience deep serenity, euphoria, and an opened, compassionate, connected heart, is a state I utterly enjoy. The journey to embodying the Goddess was sometimes painful, but even during those moments, I felt inspired by my own will and strength. My visionary self is here to inspire you, too, and to invite you toward a sacred conversation within yourself.

I have lots more to share, which I will continue to do on this blog as well as on Youtube. Please do get in touch with me if you want to share your thoughts with me privately. I open my heart to receive you!

A more detailed portrait

My name is Ana Coeur, which stands for ‘heart’ in French. I am a self–love goddess and Cupid. My heart is full of love and passion. Tingling champagne bubbles of inspiration guide my artist life. I ‘heehee’ and dance around my apartment, and I am deeply in love with myself.

My vision is two–fold: one, to bring Heaven on Earth, where love and joy are the norm and where fairy tales and imagination come to life; two, to heal the world’s heart through my messages and creations. I lead a life of quiet romance and am passionate about self–love, love, relationships, inner beauty, outer beauty, fashion, art, design, creation, writing, conscious entrepreneurship, healing, spirituality, intuition, travel, and adventure.

Like most people, I used to tell (force) myself what I need to do with my life and to actively push toward my destiny. Through healing and the emergence of my Divine Feminine self, now life tells me what to do. I follow myself wholeheartedly.

As a creator, I am always working on something! Coeur the Cupid® is my creative heartchild where I write fictional novels and produce original entertainment that brings healing to girls and women. As a luxury creator, I am the owner of Ana Coeur where I design and manufacture fairytale–like furniture made in the lush forests of France. I am also a business coach, copywriter and web designer for online entrepreneurs.

Apart from that, I enjoy watercolor painting and cooking healthy foods. As a hermit, I tend to go deep within and truly enjoy my own company. When I’m at home, you’ll find me playing with my divination decks (I am an avid collector), petting my toy bunnies, painting, drawing, reading, or energy healing on myself and others.

An orphan–child at heart, I long to belong in the world. I actively seek to know the mystery of me. My true nature is one of lightheartedness, openheartedness, laughter and joy. If you’d like to spend time in my universe, I’d love to share, have your company and learn from each other.

To love & fairy tales coming true,

Goddess Ana Coeur