Ana Coeur Charity Healing

Ana Coeur Charity Healing is a nonprofit initiative providing free energy healing services for children and adults experiencing critical health conditions:

• Intensive care, coma, emergency, life–threatening, life–support or terminal situations
• Debilitating diseases
• Cancer stage 3 and above
• Covid–19
• Victims of sex trafficking or rape
• Anyone experiencing homelessness
• Foster children
• Victims of domestic abuse, domestic violence or child abuse
• Lyme disease
• Autism
• Neurological disorders
• Multiple sclerosis
• Muscular dystrophy
• Low to no–income individuals

If you aren't sure whether a health situation qualifies for free healing and would like to find out, please email Ana Coeur at or fill out the form below.

Please know that energy healing is not a substitute for professional or medical diagnosis, treatment, advice or cure.

You can request free healing for yourself or for a loved one.

To get started, submit the form below or email Ana Coeur at

You will receive a response on the same day by phone or email (please be sure to provide your contact information).

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