Are Hereditary Diseases ‘Real’?

I work with a lot of clients who have mysterious physical pain and issues, some of which can’t be diagnosed by medical tests and all of which can’t really be cured by medication (only managed).

Some of these diseases were “hereditary” — meaning that people have inherited the same conditions from their parents, who inherited it from their parents, and etc.

I am not a doctor or a professional or licensed medical professional, and the information presented here is not a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment or cure.

But I have some insights that might help you to see why you “hereditary” diseases are not really what they are.

My personal opinion

As I tune into the energies of clients, what I find is always interesting. My personal theory is that hereditary diseases aren’t actually hereditary. In some cases, people develop the same physical diseases that their parents or family members have out of bonding or emotional loyalty.

What this means is, if a father has a certain condition, the son may unconsciously develop the same physical condition so that the pair can emotionally bond and share over having the same challenge. This isn’t always the case and it depends on the person and situation. Every client and situation is different.

But, if the hereditary disease was indeed born out of emotional loyalty, the energy of this physical condition will feel like it doesn’t actually belong to the son, but instead feel like “luggage” that he is carrying around.

Once the emotional loyalty is cleared, the son’s experience of the physical condition will as well.

I am very passionate about this subject and would love to go into a deeper discussion into genetics, DNA and how emotions and traumas affect the development of DNA or alter the expressions of it. However, because I am not a researcher or any kind of medical professional, what I can stick to is addressing the emotional aspects of hereditary diseases.

Do you experience any mysterious diseases that you feel were inherited from up the family line?


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