Does Your Energy Healer Provoke You to Tears?

Not too long ago, I remember venturing my way into energy healing as a client and worked with a few healers. Although I didn’t know it at the time, looking back I realized they usually stimulated the healing by scaring me or by making me cry.

One of the paths in was to stir up my childhood memories. I was asked to remember them, talk about them, relive them, and tap on them. Besides spewing a lot of (unnecessary) tears, the healing sessions would not go anywhere. At the end of the call, I was still left with a pile of unresolved trauma but the only difference is, it’s now stirred up more than ever before.

Someone I worked with recently tried to steer me in that direction by egging me on to talk about the past and I really didn’t want to. I know that talking, when it comes to energy healing, actually keeps the energy in place, impeding it from being released. But I obliged because I didn’t want to be rude, and I sort of pretended that the session was very helpful (but it wasn’t and I just didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings). In fact, after the call, I did the healing on myself.

I was introduced to a form of healing that didn’t poke and prod at the pain but instead, drew me into a sense of childlike wonder. As I gently wondered about the hurt and what happened to me, emotions would lift away, vanish, and be replaced by heartfelt joy. Even though I cried plenty, it was because it was part of the release, not because I had to be provoked to relive a memory in order to release it.

Early on when I started healing others, I thought I wasn’t doing my job if my clients didn’t cry during the session. But after a while, I realized that shedding tears is not a measure of how much or how deep healing energy has penetrated into the wound. Some of the most transformative sessions I’ve performed were pure joy. I also realized not everyone is a water sign like I am, always at the ready to turn on the waterworks!

The energy healing that I do is very relaxed and gentle yet deep and transformative. One of my clients told me it was like going to a spa treatment (maybe at the Four Seasons?) except she ended the appointment feeling heaps lighter from no longer having longstanding tension, fears, and blocks she was carrying merely an hour before.

I don’t flog at my clients’ wounds because it’s not necessary to do so. I gently ease in as soft as a feather. They don’t have to talk about anything nor relive their memories either. It’s because their body, cells, and chakra system have been storing these memories for years and eons — I scarcely think verbalizing them is necessary for it to be released.

Sometimes, healers will want to poke and prod because there is a belief that this is the “work” and that the healing must hurt in order for it to be good and real. This may be their belief and their personal experience, but having been a client on the other side of that exchange, I know it’s unpleasant and it’s made people believe healing is scary and hard. It’s not.

When I work with clients, I talk about their issues as if I was just about to pop a blackhead on their nose: it’s minor, it’s no big deal, and let’s take care of it now, and by the way, let’s laugh along the way. It puts clients so much at ease because they can trust what I am doing and I’m not scaring them back into the depths of their childhood nightmares. I think everyone has been scared enough already if you ask me!

So, does your energy healer provoke you to cry, and do you feel like that’s still necessary anymore? I invite you to wonder about healing being really fun, playful, joyful, and lighthearted. My belief is, there is nothing that can’t be healed through to the very end, and no one has to suffer or dramatize this experience any more than the trauma and pain itself.

La la la!


Goddess & Angel Ana Coeur

I serve powerful women who long to fulfill their ultimate destiny—but fears & blocks are in the way

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