When Should You Hire a Healer Vs. a Coach?

The answer here is really simple.

You hire a coach when you want to learn a specific skill. For example, if you want to learn how to write sales copy that sells, you hire a coach. When you want to develop the core muscles in your body, you hire a coach. When you want to learn how to improve your dance technique, you hire a coach. When you want to learn how to strategize your business, you hire a coach.

When you are seeking transformation, you hire a healer. For example, if you want to be more bold and courageous with your business, you hire a healer. When you want to surpass your current income level and manifest more abundance, you hire a healer. When you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, you hire a healer. When you want to “change your mindset” (so to speak), you hire a healer.

It is a common assumption that one should hire coaches to help resolve blocks and fears but you actually need a healer. You’ll need someone to work with your energy, not with your mind.

I’ve said on other blogs before that when you hire a coach, you are actually purchasing their entire mental programming—their viewpoint on life, love, abundance, and power, as well as their limits, how they feel about their limits, and how they feel about themselves.

Healers, however, help you to have more awareness with your personal programming, and then work with your energy to release blocks, fears, issues and limitations. You don’t have to adopt someone else’s consciousness in order to arrive at your own genius.

One of the most common observations I hear from people is their finding a very inspirational figure who says all of the right things and presents the right kind of image—but once that person gets to know the inspirational figure “in real life,” they realize the inspirational figure is actually a very different energy “behind the scenes.”

This happens when people only work with themselves at the level of the mind, not with their emotions, consciousness or energy. What we see are digital manipulations and façades, not the real deal.

To transform, we need to work on the level of energy and consciousness and not on our thoughts per se. Our thoughts give us a baseline for where our energy is but it is not necessary to think positively or to seek to change those thoughts specifically.

Positive thinking is not really necessary when you’re already feeling positive. Positive thinking only serves to manipulate the thoughts and the mind and it’s exhausting and unproductive. The minute you stop manipulating your mind, it goes back to where it was before and it’ll be a place where you worked hard to try not to be.

Most of my clients are surprised to know and experience that a majority of the thoughts they have don’t even belong to them. These thoughts came from their parents, their family line, their ancestors, their friends, or from the internet and television.

Recently I worked with a client whose healing was blocked because of a belief about herself. It turns out this belief came from learning about her personality type and what she was told about herself. After I cleared the programming, the healing soared to completion.

When you work with a healer, you clear away all of the thoughts which don’t belong to you. The reason why changing your mindset is so hard is that it’s fighting against stuff which isn’t even yours, to begin with. How do you change what’s not yours? I can’t imagine having to spend a lifetime trying to “be positive” while a powerful current of thoughts which don’t belong to me is constantly pushed into my face. It would be like trying to run into the wind.

But if you work with your energy, all of those thoughts, the chatter, the angst, and the discomfort of not wanting to be where you are all fall away. What’s not yours will be shed onto the cutting floor. You’ll naturally rise to a higher frequency and actually become more thoughtless. That is, you’ll start to think less and simply Be more.

Being means you are embodying more of your higher self into your physical body. You are more present, which means you have access to much more clarity that comes from your soul rather than from your mind. Have you ever thought about something so hard into a giant, tense ball of confusion, then walk away or sleep on it, only to find the entire solution appear in an instant in front of you? This is your soul at work.

In closing, you may find that need both a healer and a coach, or just one or not the other. I find that most people who claim to be lost do know what to do, but a sense of inadequacy keeps them feeling like they have to look to the outside for answers and direction. If this is the case, coaches can offer valid insight and healers can work with your energy so that you feel confident and ready to take on the biggest missions in your heart.

I hope this helps you decide.

La la la!


Goddess & Angel Ana Coeur

I serve powerful women who long to fulfill their ultimate destiny—but fears & blocks are in the way

I specialize in healing powerful, spiritual women who long to blossom into Queens and Goddesses. Through my healing, clients burst exponentially into more power, love, abundance, peace, joy, and health. My claim to fame is “pick an issue and watch it dissolve”: a rapid–release of your issues, plus purification and activation, so that you can be pain–free, happy, and turn all your dreams into physical reality. To work with me, purchase a one–off healing session

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