Why Some People Don’t Heal Series: Reason #1

In this series, I’ll discuss common reasons why some people don’t heal. They may be trying to, not trying to, have the best intentions, or have no intentions to heal at all.

My hope is that this will help shed light on any resistance toward healing that you may discover within yourself or better understand those around you if they are in a health crisis.

Reason #1 Why Some People Don’t Heal: They Want Change Without Changing

This is one of the most common reasons and we see this in areas like weight loss. We want to lose weight but yet we don’t seem to have the urge or intention to make any changes in order to bring through a different outcome.

It was Albert Einstein who said insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Let me further clarify why we might want change without changing: when it comes to weight loss, as an example, this happens when a person is wanting to stay in their inner child and pushing away having to grow up into being a queen of her own domain. It’s the part of us that demands what we want without effort or taking responsibility. There is a sense of feeling like a victim or even a sense of entitlement or that it’s not fair.

Typically, the inner child doesn’t want to do any work or what’s hard—and the inner child shouldn’t because staying in a childlike manner is a vital part of being creative, experimental, and entrepreneurial.

What to do

What we need to do is to task a different aspect of ourselves to take care of our health issues. The aspect of you to engage is your inner king or queen who rules over the physical. This is the part of us that pays our bills, takes our vitamins, does the laundry, and does the unpleasant things like exercise or evaluate food choices.

In comparison to the inner child, the queen or king doesn’t feel a sense of being a victim, that things are unfair, or why the child cannot eat whatever it wants and still lose weight. The queen or king is much more objective and judicious and takes action in a matter–of–fact way, like what needs to be done shall be done.

If you are facing a health issue right now and it’s stirring up feelings that you should be able to have health without changing habits that create poor health, then I invite you to switch your approach. See your situation not from your inner child but instead from your inner queen or king. The objective, visionary, problem–solving energy of queens and kings will bring you a different perspective to your situation.

Once from a more neutral zone, you can then use your intuition to guide you on what actions to take (or not) and discern what needs healing in order to bring through the outcome you seek.

I hope this helps! Remember to check back into this series for Reason #2. La la la!

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