Why Some People Don’t Heal Series: Reason #2

Perhaps this series would be more accurate if it were titled Why Some People Choose Not to Heal. After all, it is true. Healing is a choice. I firmly believe that if we want healing, we will get it, even up until the last second of our breath and beyond.

Today let’s discuss another reason why some people don’t heal or choose not to, and that is:

Reason #2 Why Some People Don’t Heal: Pain is Comforting/Comfortable

As crazy as this sounds, this is the reality many of us live in.

Even though pain is painful, at least we know how painful it is. We’ve grown accustomed to it, adjusted to it, and probably have taken enough measures to numb our sensations and responses to it.

We might even have some pain routines: if the weather changes, we know to brace for our allergies to get worse, or our joints to ache, or we will develop the flu on cue. Maybe pain sets in in the morning, then if we take something, it goes away until about 3pm, when we have to take something else again to numb it down. Some people might eat a slice of chocolate cake then pummel themselves on the treadmill the next day for three hours in an effort to erase the guilt.

For others, the pain is less about physical discomfort in the body but more about the negativity, drama and tension in relationships. The thinking might be, even though X person is treating me horribly, at least I know what that feels like and I know what to expect. If I were to leave, maybe the loneliness might feel even worse. Or, maybe if I spoke up, this other person could become even more abusive.

Our routines and responses become about pain management, not about healing. So long as it doesn’t get any worse, we are good, we think.

Because if we were to face that pain we could (gulp) risk the pain becoming even more painful.

Pain can sometimes feel like a friend and we hold onto it for comfort. Pain might make us feel at least something when we are feeling numb everywhere else in our lives.

Stepping into healing means walking into the unknown. We don’t know if we will feel better and we think it may even get worse! Rather than taking a chance, we might choose to stay where we are. Even if it’s painful, we at least know how much pain there is and we are familiar with it. It probably won’t get any worse than this, we think.

Oh yes, it does

The trouble is, it does. Pain that is ignored becomes even more painful. This is because the body and your soul uses your pain threshold to communicate to you. Small problems that are ignored become larger until one day it becomes a crisis that demands to be addressed.

Western medication is such an attractive solution for a lot of people because it purports that you can take a pill that removes not the disease—but the awareness and sensation of the disease. You may never be cured, but at least, you won’t be aware of it.

Or, the chemicals within the medication alter and break down your body and organ function so much that not only does the medication not resolve the original issue, but it creates five or fifteen new ones.

That’s like going to a car mechanic to get a new tire, but in order to have that new tire function, you need to lose the other three tires.

To be fair, some people may not know how to alleviate the root cause of their health issues and do turn to western medication as a solution.

What to do

Nothing short of a wakeup call can push someone out of numbness and emotional slumber. Managing pain sometimes does fail and brings everything to a head. This is when our souls compel us to stop kidding ourselves and to also stop mucking around with our precious bodies and health.

How much of a wakeup call a person needs depends on their threshold of pain. Some people are more responsive to pain or uncomfortable sensations and act at the first couple of signs of imbalance. Others might need to experience chronic pain for years before they finally have had enough. Others may choose to not wake up in their lifetime.

Personal story: my father was one such of those souls not ready or not scheduled to awaken in this lifetime. He made an agreement to develop colon and liver cancer and despite my best efforts to initiate him into emotional healing and discovering the root cause of the cancer, he chose not to. For him, I believe that from his perspective, having cancer was safer and more comfortable than to dive into his emotional wounds. Bless him.

What I suggest you can do is to lower your threshold for pain, but not to the point where you become paranoid of every sensation in your body. Use your intuition and feel the messages your body is communicating to you and act according to your most sensible judgment.

Lightworkers do have way more lightbody symptoms, ascension symptoms and mysterious issues that have no rhyme nor reason, can’t be tested for and can’t be seen a microscope. Working with a healer that gets to the heart of the matter and helps you resolve these issues rapidly will be unbelievably helpful for you to keep your health on track, or to get your health back on track.

Are healthy lifestyles uncomfortable?

To end on a more positive note, human beings are creatures of comfort. We like to find our places of safety and snuggle into them and some of us don’t like to come out of this cave or this complacency unless absolutely forced to.

Some of us may have a fear that being healthy is very uncomfortable. We may think that a life of being healthy means we have to exercise a lot, sacrifice our favorite foods, eat a bunch of things that are healthy but don’t taste good, and cut out all the fun stuff like drinking and partying late into the night. Vegging out on the couch eating pizza and ice cream may seem like crimes against this popular notion of self–love. We are constantly teetering back and forth between what people’s ideas of self–care look like vs. the “treat yoself” rule–breaking that makes giving into food cravings as some kind of sinful rebellion.

The interesting thing about being healthy is that once you truly love yourself and your body from a place of reverence, eating what suits you and doing activities that support your health don’t seem like punishments anymore. They will all feel like sacred acts and even more interestingly, they will feel like the only acts that are available to you. When you reach a place of self–worship (in a healthy and balanced way—I’m not referring to narcissism), there are fewer choices and sometimes even no choice.

The more you love yourself, the fewer choices you have, but that’s okay because there is only one choice you would make for yourself anyway.

Between eating food that you can digest, fuels your body, and that your body loves vs. food that you can’t digest, doesn’t fuel your body, and your body groans about—it seems like there isn’t as much free will once you are on a higher dimension. Only one choice seems available and any other choices that don’t fit into the sensation and energy of complete love for yourself are no longer viable.

I hope this insight helps you to face any numbing down of pain you are currently experiencing and to awaken to the next steps that bring you back into health, balance, love, joy and power. Remember to check back into this series for Reason #3. La la la!

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