Did you know that courage is an illusion? That’s because fear is an illusion. We only ever need courage because we are feeling fear.

You don’t need courage to brush your teeth, for example, unless you were very scared of brushing your teeth.

So when people talk about developing courage to go after your dreams or to do what you love, is this actually the proper thing to do? After all, is developing courage an attempt at creating an illusion to address another illusion (fear)?

Courage is humanity’s way of getting in touch with the divine aspect of ourselves — the aspect that doesn’t fear and operates the way god and goddess do. After all, that’s who we really are.

Courage is the portal that begs us to cross from human’s limited power to a divine expanded power. So we may think that in order for us to do great things, we have to muster up all this courage and act like the divine would.

Except the divine doesn’t need courage to do anything at all. The divine has no fear.

Courage is really an Earth thing.

If we don’t work on being courageous then, because we are already god and goddess, and fear is an illusion, then what do we do?

The answer is actually really simple: you release the fear.

By clearing the fear, you also clear your need for courage and this whole exhaustive act of “mustering up.”

Soon, making your dreams come true and going after your true love may very well feel like you’re just brushing your teeth. Not that it becomes boring or routine, but that what you love doesn’t trigger you anymore.

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