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Romance is an Energy, Not a To–Do

Do you see yourself as not having romance in your lives because you’re not “doing” romantic things?

Here’s the thing: romance isn’t what you do, romance is who you are.

Romance is not a sport, nor a performance, nor a relationship to–do. It isn’t an item to buy at a store. That’s how some couples approach romance: as a special occasion with special food and special lingerie that happens once in a while. Once that is over, the romance ends too, leading one to believe that romance is something you have to keep up with.

Luckily, true romance doesn’t need this kind of budget or time and expense upkeep!

Romance is the flow of exquisite love energy from Source to you. Being loved like this is jubilation that makes you want to twirl and dance. You don’t even need another person to experience romance. It isn’t something you do. It comes from within. It’s a spiritual and emotional connection to Life.

Is there anything more romantic than walking by a mirror, catching your reflection and smiling as you whisper “I love you” to yourself?

La la la!


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