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Je peux parler français!

December is my favorite month. Yuletide season stirs up all my magic energies. I especially enjoy slowing down in December to reflect behind me and also to look ahead. This year, in particular, I’m finding there is so much to celebrate. I’m gonna spend the remainder of this month doing just that!

One of the major highlights for me in 2021 is finally learning French for reals! I’ve tried for years before: via Rosetta Stone, via Duolingo, via a local French teacher who for whatever reason ghosted me after I paid, and via YouTube classes. For whatever reason, none of those methods worked out for me.

When I met a French teacher this year via a mutual friend, I knew this was a divine sign. I signed up. Je dis oui!

It’s only been a few months since I’ve started private lessons and I have already learned so much. Who knew how empowering it is to learn a foreign language? My confidence has grown quickly and I’m even Smule-ing in French now. 🙂 Typically, learning foreign languages is not my strong suit. I still can’t, for the life of me, converse in Mandarin (Cantonese is my native language).

I find that when we respond to life and to intuitive urges, we are helping ourselves usher in destiny without resistance. If we feel called to do something but say ‘no’ to what wants us, we stop the flow of life. We’d get in our own way. And I’m done with getting in my own way.

By this time next year, wow, I can’t imagine how much more knowledgeable and confident I’ll be with French. That is a win and achievement I’m definitely looking forward to!

La la la!

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