Recenty I was performing a lightbody activation on myself and realized what pattern was being pulled out from within me.

Here is what I have gathered within the lightbody activation: making our dreams come true, without a doubt, requires us to step into the unknown. Because it is often terrifying to be in the mystery, we will usually tiptoe into the unknown and basically question everything every step of the way.

If it were a board game, we would be questioning what tile we were standing on, what’s it made of, is our game piece strong or large enough, what tile lays before us, if there is even a tile at all, or will we suddenly fall into the abyss.

Plus, doubts abound if we are safe to proceed, what’s in the nearby surroundings, what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow, why is it so dark in here, why are we alone, do we have to be alone, should we turn back, how far is there left to go, how long will it take for us to get there, and will we end up alone by the time we reach the destination.

As you can see, all of this doubting and questioning essentially stops manifestation both consciously and unconsciously.

Lightbody activations, in one fell swoop, shift the way we engage with the unknown. This shift brings in a trust in the darkness and to stop stopping yourself. It’s okay to be blind and to be blind to what lays before us and what the outcome will be. It means that we are not tiptoeing tile by tile anymore, but zooming at full, top speed into the depths of this adventure.

When this shift occurs, which can happen through emotional healing or processing or by lightbody activation, there will be no need to know what comes after but a total surrender as to the direction, velocity and route and sometimes even the destination. If our intention is to live in joy, it might take us into all sorts of scenarios and adventures for this joy to manifest. We would be focusing on the feeling that we wish to experience rather than a hardwired goal with tick boxes and parameters.

So, what exactly is your intention? Would it be to experience true love, abundance and success, beauty and health, skills and joy? How can you stop stopping yourself and release the need to know what comes after the tile you’re standing on now? Are you feeling safe to zoom deep into the darkness and trusting that even if you fall into the abyss, you’ll somehow end up where you want to go anyway?

Joy and love,

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