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Why Some People Are Born With Skills But Others Have to Learn

Why is it that some people are born with incredible gifts, like being able to draw, paint, sing, play ball, or talk to spirit since they were a baby or toddler, while others have to work hard at their skills throughout their whole life?

For those of us in the latter category, sometimes it can be challenging to not feel envious, blocked, that life isn’t fair, or as if we were “chosen over” when comparing ourselves to people with naturally born talents.

There are three possible reasons why some people are born with skills but others have to learn them:

It’s in the soul contract

Our unique soul contract dictates what gifts we experience in this lifetime, when they come “online”, and how they will be used. Those who were born with gifts were contracted to be born with their gifts.

Those who were born with the desire and aspiration of attaining those gifts are contracted to develop these skills in their lifetime. Through schooling, training, mental development, and perseverance, they gain the skill plus the soul growth and gaining of self–esteem that came attached to achieving this triumph.

The gift was already anchored from a previous lifetime

Through Chloe Cousins, I learned recently that gifts can be anchored into your system from a previous lifetime.

It means you anchored this talent within your soul makeup during your last lifetime. When you incarnated into this life, that skill came fully developed, as if you’ve studied it and practiced it for 300 years ahead of time, giving you a huge head start in life. There will be no learning curve or developmental process.

When this happens, this is inherently part of the soul contract as well.

It’s not about the skill itself

If you didn’t come into this life with a fully developed skill, yes, it will take time, energy and patience to develop it. And yes, it may not come naturally or effortlessly.

However, what you gain is the boost in self–confidence and self–esteem. Your soul decided that it was more important for you to attain that than the skill itself. This would be why.

Because of these reasons, you don’t need to feel less than or deprived in any way if you are struggling to attain a craft or physical skill that comes so easily to others. We don’t gain confidence from skills that come easily to us because there was no emotional growth needed or involved.

The gift isn’t in having the skill itself. The gift is in your soul growth and the experiences, wisdom, and friendships that you gain along the way.

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