Do You Have Creative Courage?

Creative Coeurage is a space for me to discuss entrepreneurship and to share my journey of building a starseed empire.

I call my endeavor a starseed empire because it is an utter departure from how traditional business is done in the 3D world.

Starseed empires are a partnership amongst you, your spiritual team, the simultaneous lives you are currently living on other planets and dimensions, and god and goddess.

Three–dimensional businesses only reach and impact the Earth while starseed empires reach and impact across the universe and the Earth’s past, present and future.

Anyways, the starseed empire I’m building does involve a lot of physical stuff: the selling of my artistic creations. I am a furniture and fashion designer, an author, and an artist.

My dream is huge. My mission is even bigger. Since I was little, creating Heaven on Earth has been my motto.

I’m ready to get myself back into the world of investors and finances. The last few times I’ve tried, I attracted loads of money, but I didn’t take it because it wasn’t the right situation for me.

My next stop is to create a suitable distribution channel for my highly valued creations. I’m thinking Avenue Montaigne, Paris.

This is a glimpse into the way I manifest. Your way will be different, and I would love to see how you ‘do’ you. Please share below!

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