How Holding Space Helps Others Manifest

Holding space means to create a container for someone to have their own feelings and experiences without judging them. It means we allow someone to go through their pain and emotions while we bear witness to them and offer our presence. This presence is meant to comfort them and to witness them.

However, I’m beginning to feel there’s more to it than that.

I feel that holding space is actually a way for us to help others manifest their desires into physical or emotional being.

This “space” that we hold, I feel, is real and exists on the energetic or even quantum physics level.

When we say we hold space, we are actually creating space — a space within our auras. This creation of space acts as a womb or cocoon of sorts for new things to be born or to gestate.

This space is then shared with the person we are “holding space” for, allowing them to step into your energy and receive whatever it is that you’re creating on their behalf.

For example, if you were holding space for someone to create a successful business, you are in fact dedicating a part of your energy to manifest this outcome for and with them. If they aren’t emotionally or spiritually strong or equipped to hold this space for themselves, they can temporarily borrow yours.

You then become a co–creator for their desires.

Holding space then becomes a creative vacuum where you are giving them the energetic potential to step from where they are now to where they want to be. It’s like you established a room of potential for them to step into.

Holding space is where you create this possibility or potential for someone else and their transformation. When you see a potential for someone else, you can become a part of their manifestation.

Sometimes, they’re not strong enough to create that possibility for themselves, but they can borrow that potential (on an energy level) from others. This is why people buy coaching services.

This person then steps into your space because you created for them out of your belief in them.

For example, if I don’t believe in myself, but you believe in me, you are “holding space” for me to transform. This space exists on an energy level. Because you believe in me, I can start to feel my own potential.

Holding space is much more than just bearing witness to someone’s pain or allowing them to have their feelings. It makes an impact on the physical manifestation level and is a true soul gift to others.

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