Do You Really Need a Man? (Yes and No)

Dear Beautiful Brides,

Feminines, whether single or in a relationship, will crave masculine energy. As one part of the spectrum, we will crave a counterpart energy.

What we need to understand is that this shouldn’t come from another person.

We might want masculine energy to hold us steady and provide safety, stability, and structure to our flowing femininity.

But we don’t always have the (right) masculines in our lives to provide this energy.

This means we need to receive this directly from Source rather than through our relationships.

By receiving masculine energy from Source rather than through your partner or parent, it frees up the relationship and gives it an openness to flow and thrive, rather than a give–and–take codependency in order for us to feel safe.

This also ensures we don’t go grasping desperately for masculine energy from the wrong people or feel gutted if this ‘source’ were to ever go away.

The universe is your Source, always.

When we receive directly from the universe, we will always feel anchored, relaxed and abundant, never lacking the energy we need to feel balanced and whole.

Free your partner from carrying the responsibility of making you feel steady and safe. Anchor your heart to the Divine now. Marry yourself to Source and be in union with yourself. Then, you can go off and be in a truly unconditionally loving and free relationship with another person.


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