What True Love Actually Feels Like: I Slipped Into Permanent Euphoria

My divine love outpours to you now.

I am feeling so euphoric, so in love with the divine and with my soul. I feel utter bliss. So much that it tickles me into giggles for absolutely no reason at all!

It’s like the Ace of Cups that continually overflows and self–generates from within to without.

My dream of experiencing Heaven on Earth has come true. It’s positively euphoric. And this is permanent, here to stay.

How wonderful it is to be “mindless!”

Ever since I slipped into this state, it’s not left me. A genuine and light smile spreads across my lips, and my breathing is deep, expansive and fulfilling. My heart is openly smiling. If I had another set of lips, I would just kiss myself!

It is like a self-induced joy that has arisen. Everything within me feels like beautiful nirvana, and every thought I think doesn’t even register in this euphoria. My connection to divine love is so intense that human thought simply doesn’t have enough power to get my attention.

And so all worries, negativity, fears, and thoughts simply float away, fizzling out. It’s perpetual meditation, without trying.

In this euphoric state, the problems that bothered me don’t matter anymore. Time doesn’t matter. The future doesn’t matter. The past doesn’t exist. Every person that I have ever judged is now being generously blessed from within my heart space automatically. I don’t even have enough energy to think or worry about outcomes because this connection to divine love — to the now moment — is so intoxicating, I am just drunken.

Words fail to express how I really feel. It’s pure ecstasy even whilst being alone, not doing anything.

When I move my body, I can sense the firing and engaging of my muscles, but rather than feeling the physicality, I glide like a seasoned ballerina. I feel positively sensual, open, relaxed, flowing, receptive and creative. There is a gentle breeze that flows from every space within me and the tickling sensations make me giggle with bliss and joy. There is an openness to all that is and all that will be, whatever it may be.

My energy cascades like a waterfall toward romantic communion with the divine and with myself — getting closer and closer and closer to Source until I realize, I am Source itself. I was trying to get closer to myself all along. This intimacy engages me on every level, and I slither around in my bed feeling the tenderness of my skin and the exhilaration of my breath.

As if I am a hologram, all the stars in the universe are at once in front of my eyes and within me, and when I observe myself, I can see through to the end of the cosmos.

I am Love.

This is what being in love actually feels like. The divine presence and self are required. But having a partner is optional. But with a partner though, within this deep state of divine communion, there is no oscillation between the emotional highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There is no intense romantic obsession followed by intense fear and back again. Rather, the feeling is even–keeled, like a deep state of ongoing peaceful bliss. It’s the calm lake that gently ripples when engaged, and tenderly returns to a state of stillness.

The absence of fear and fluctuation and inconstancy — this is what true love actually feels like. This is how Source loves you.

I slipped into Heaven, and I’m staying here.


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