What It Truly Means to Be a Goddess (Part 2)

The goddess energy is the most exquisite, graceful, euphoric and beautiful energy that I’ve experienced. In Part 1, I’ve said that being a goddess has nothing to do with makeup or fashion. It’s not about wearing high heels or lipstick, or taking bubble baths.

Being a goddess, very simply, is about being god itself. It means being in your divine nature whilst in a body whilst having your feet firmly planted on this dense dimension called Earth. Another way to put it is, being a goddess means bringing Heaven to Earth. It’s about spirituality, meaning of the spirit, and your spirit has nothing to do with fashion and products.

This is important because we might be influenced to believe that to be a goddess, we have to go shopping for things that smell nice or wear luxurious fabrics and eat only organic foods. While these are wonderful aspects of living an Earthly existence, none of those things are required to get in touch with your god–self.

Similarly, mind management principles or modern self–care techniques might suggest you to leave behind toxic relationships or unplug from social media or to take a risk with your career, relationships or creativity. These are all fantastic, but it too has nothing to do with your sacred connection or embodiment to god itself. They might aid in your connection, but it’s not the thing itself.

Being a goddess means being god, which means embodying Source power and love within you. We don’t need to eat organic food to connect to Source love and power, and certainly not perfumes, and we are able to be our god self even amongst toxic environments. Removing ourselves from toxicity and being in avoidance of them is one thing, and it is another thing to function as god and goddess whilst being within those toxic environments and perhaps not being able to choose otherwise.

I am reminded of the people who endured trauma and suffering during times of war when fate placed them in a certain time, place and situation that perhaps their soul chose but their body didn’t. Yet without any resources or external support, and only relying on their connection to god, they were able to feel god power and manifest a solution that would free themselves from those situations.

I’m also reminded of babies and young children who grew up being raised by angels because their family, for whatever reason, couldn’t or wouldn’t raise them.

To be in your god self, shopping isn’t required! Neither are ghosting friends and family. You don’t even have to change your life if you don’t want to. After all, you have free will. Being a goddess is about the embodiment of god itself. The keyword is being, not doing or planning or thinking or shopping.

I hope this clears things up and helps you to understand that no matter what situation you are in, that being a goddess is an instant decision. You don’t need to be more beautiful, more feminine, smile, smell nicer, dress sexier, or spend money in order to be a goddess. Knowing this is your power.



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