Is There a Beautiful Way to Be Angry?

Dear Beautiful Souls,

We as women are taught that it is not pretty to be angry. If we want to cry or express our emotions, best to do it behind closed doors and by ourselves, we are told. Anger is seen as ugly, destructive, violent, shameful, inconvenient and the wrong way to feel.

When you feel angry, do you immediately try to tell yourself you shouldn’t feel this way, and cover–up true feelings with feel–good affirmations?

Women are taught that we should be always forgiving, patient and understanding. Anger is somehow seen as disgraceful, unladylike, sinful and bad.

So, is there a beautiful way to be angry?

Yes, there is.

Anger is very sacred and useful information about an injustice that we feel deep inside. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel and acknowledge this injustice, we will only stuff it down and cause blocks to our energy and build up resentment in our relationships.

Anger can be beautiful when we acknowledge how we really feel, and use this emotional information to heal ourselves, to balance an injustice, or to confront someone. It is only destructive when we don’t face it fully and instead express it in ways that hurt others and ourselves.

Like all negative emotions, anger is a learning experience and teaches us what we allow and won’t allow in our relationships. Anger tells us where we need to draw certain boundaries or to speak up.

When anger comes to greet you, take some time to process how you feel. If it’s too triggering and intense, walk away! You can always come back to take the next step when you are in a more balanced, relaxed and open state.

So don’t be afraid of anger being ‘unladylike.’ Honor all of your feelings and when you do so, you’ll naturally flow back into your natural state of love, joy and peace!


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