What is unconditional love? FAQ

Unconditional love is a state which is not limited by any kind of conditions. Unconditional love is actually the only type of love there is. When you hear about toxic love, codependent love, or obsessive love, for example, it is actually not love at all. Rathern, they can be called exchanges. By definition, love is unconditional. This is the only type there is. There is no sometimes love, halfway love, or part–time love.

When we love without condition, it means that we accept and allow others to be exactly as they are, without judgement or trying to change them or require them to suit our needs. It means allowing them to be and live exactly as they wish, even if the choices they make or the life they want doesn’t include us.

Unconditional love, therefore, is utmost freedom.

Many spouses disallow their partners from healing and growing because of the fear that once their partners change, they might want to leave the relationship. Unconditional love would be allowing and accepting whatever growth needs to occur, and then also allowing the necessary shifts that need to happen, to happen.

Unconditional love is unconditional acceptance.

Do we have to strive to love others unconditionally? Striving is not the right word. Unconditional love naturally exists within you now, but it might be blocked by fears and past hurts. Don’t strive, simply unblock.

Do we have to be worthy to receive unconditional love? No. Unconditional love is unconditional.

Is anything less than unconditional love “unworthy” or not good enough? The thing is, when you are in a state of unconditional love, there is no judgement about the “quality of love” you might be receiving from another person. Within that state, all is peaceful and accepted the way it is.

Do we have to do anything special to “get” unconditional love? No. You don’t have to do anything at all. By definition, love is unconditional. It means, whether you do something or whether you don’t do anything, unconditional love is abundantly available.

If I’m not able to love myself or another unconditionally right now, does that mean my love isn’t good enough? Nope, it doesn’t mean that at all. Unconditional love is free of judgement of any kind. So let go of the judgement of yourself and of your love. Have complete acceptance for where you are right now and be with your soul. Your soul will naturally guide you toward more love and more freedom from fear.


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