16 September: Cup Full of Love!

Dearest Beautiful Bride, Bride–to–Be, Bride–Used–to–Be, and Self–Love Brides of all genders,

Big announcement today: true love is here! Whether you are in a relationship or not, or about to get married or just want to (or not), the message is that the energy of Love is overflowing in your life. It is a brand new start to being able to allow and receive love and also to love yourself.

There is so much energy of abundance in this message — to the point where it is literally overflowing. There is a rush of energy, as if a stopper has finally be released and love emotions can now burst forth.

This Love is not only to be received but to be given as well. If you have been holding back on giving love to yourself or to another person, let it go and let it flow!

What a beautiful time to be in the state of (inner) romance. If you are progressing and planning toward your Big Day, this is a big confirmation that you are being cared for and supported, and that this relationship is also divinely supported, too.



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