Rapid–Release Energy Healing for the Spiritually Courageous

Total energy overhaul designed to delete fears, issues & blocks so that love, money, health, harmony, peace & joy start chasing you

“Pick an issue and watch it dissolve.”

— K.A., a client

I specialize in helping people rebirth by facilitating magical, turbo–charged, rapid–release energy healing for the spiritually courageous.

In short, I help people get their life back — or start living the one they’re meant to live.

I am Ana Coeur and I am a powerful, creative and intuitive energy healing artist with an affinity toward healing that is effortless, magical, efficient, easy, fun and complete.

My work has quickly and miraculously transformed the lives of my clients’. Issues, fears and blocks that they were struggling with just a moment ago will have completely vanished or significantly reduced by the end of our working together.

The healing technology that I use is holographic: multiple or all layers of your energy bodies are healed simultaneously across time, space, past, present, future, and in all dimensions. A portion of this healing technology is from my own creation and sourced from the highly advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Whether you are aiming to become a new person with a new level of consciousness or simply want to improve your health, expand your success, lose weight, increase creativity, develop self–love, repair love, heal your inner child, activate your inner goddess, or dissolve blocks and delete fears—stat—you’ve come to the right place.

Goddess & Angel Ana Coeur

Healing journeys with me are miraculous, sublime, productive and transformative. Here is how to begin:

1. Purchase a one–off healing session.

Click here to purchase a session. You can either bring a specific issue to the healing session or choose an issue from one of the programs below. Because we work intuitively according to your needs, there is no set structure—we will flow to whatever your soul and guidance team is leading us to.

We will meet by Zoom or by phone. Physically, I am in the U.S. but I am able to connect to your energy no matter where you are in the world. I am able to feel your energy, pain, and feelings in my body as if they were my own which enables me to quickly reach the heart of the matter.

2. As we dive in during the healing, we will be intuitively guided to the expected and also the unexpected.

Even though your healing journey is preplanned, each appointment will be creative and unique. We will softly hold the intention for healing a particular fear or issue and also allow your soul to guide us to the unexpected.

For example, a chronic experience may guide us to clear past lives, heal childhood memories, process unresolved feelings, or work on DNA energy activation. Through my intuition and hearing the calls of your soul, we will naturally and organically flow to areas that need clearing or healing until the fear or issue is resolved.

3. After the appointment, my clients report total elimination or significant reduction of their symptoms or issues.

What previously caused you annoyance, trauma or pain will feel forgotten or neutral. You may even forget what was hurting or scaring you before. You’ll feel inspired to make healthful changes in your life and discover new aspects of yourself toward more love, joy, growth and power.

After the healing sessions, my clients also commonly report major explosions of passionate creativity and sudden, pivotal a–ha moments, leading them to make life–changing decisions with poise, clarity and ease.

4. Should you continue your healing journey, there is an entire universe of joy, love & abundance waiting for you.

If you would like to continue, I will design a custom–tailored healing proposal for you, which is a roadmap of the intentions and visions of what you see for yourself and how I propose we will get there.

Whether you’re seeking to create a brand new you or would prefer simple and refreshing energy tuneups, a suite of healing services is available to give you a total overhaul of your energy system, life, relationships and business expansion. Every situation is unique so I encourage you to first book a one–off healing session, and then afterwards, we can design a personalized ongoing solution.

“This healing was so complete, miraculous and unique.” — Kelly St. Claire

Technical work includes but is not limited to:

Activation of your Divine Feminine Goddess
Ancestral clearing
Aura repair
Clear fears
Clear beliefs
Clear alien parasites
Clear past life wounds
Clear psychic coercion and psychic attacks
Clear vows
Clear spells and hexes
Clear and rebalance of the main body systems, including the nervous system and glands
Cut negative cords of attachment
DNA purification and activation in chakras, organs, meridians and glands
Emotional processing via The Wonder Method™
Energy healing via Ana Coeur signature healing technology and The Wonder Method™
Lightbody activation
Merkaba travel and downloads of codes and light
Trauma release
Past life timeline auric repair
Uplevel consciousness

Begin your grand healing adventure

(Price valid through August 2020.)
You receive:
✓ One 80–minute session
✓ One week of email support
✓ DNA activation for 5G protection

Please review the Terms of Purchase before buying. Questions? Please send me an email or a text and I will help. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please also get in touch for instructions.
Here are those who praise their healing experience with me
Bipolar disorder is gone!

I came to Ana for weight loss and she quickly and accurately came to the cause of the weight gain. Through the info Ana received for me, it was revealed that the weight was a medication issue and I was being medicated for years for bipolar disorder. I have lived with it for so long I kind of forget about it.

Ana suggested a full lightbody activation in order to raise me out of the vibration with the ‘disorder’ and to get to the root of the problem. I progressively felt more and more relaxed during the session and after the session, I felt shiny, new and joyful. It totally upgraded and rebooted my entire system and brought me up to a completely higher vibration. I was amazed.

I can no longer detect any of the bipolar.

That night, I started gradually lowering the medication and will continue to do so. I feel wonderful. So far I have felt great in this first lowering of my dosage. This changes my life profoundly.

The full activation was working with a systemic, huge, life–altering illness. It touched all of my smaller issues. I cannot even describe a value, as there is no value high enough for getting my life back.

Ana’s way is caring and intuitive but goes a step past that. She cuts out the mystery and wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter. I trust her implicitly and what she comes up with is always so spot on. — K.S.

Chronic fatigue syndrome dissolved in one hour

I had the privilege of having Ana worked on my health issues and chronic fatigue and her energy healing provided me great relief from my constant headaches and neck pain which have been bothering me for many years (thank you!). My chronic fatigue felt like it has dissolved within an hour of the session and I no longer feel like a slug stuck to my sofa like before! I feel awesome and energised!

More importantly, with her cutting edge healing technology and razor–sharp intuition, we uncovered deeper issues which affected me on many layers of my energetic body ie. cutting off outmoded ancestral ties, which stripped my soul of the burden of healing all the trauma passed down over the ancestral line and finding peace with being who I am and recalling my true power. I no longer feel the need to be the quintessential healer, to always feel like I am obliged to help any and every single person with problems. It was a very wonderful feeling of being free to follow my truest dreams and finally not having to carry the baggage of my past lineage and move forward towards my true soul purpose.

One of the most memorable healing sessions was when Ana took me on her MerKaBa on a beautiful astral journey to Glastonbury Tor to awaken my higher self and retrieve my ethereal memories. It was amazing, powerful, and needless to say, loads of fun! (Though the MerKaBa ride made me dizzy hehe but it was well worth the trip!)

Accolades aside, Ana is very caring, highly intuitive and patient and her ability to cut through the illusions straight to the root of the matter makes her healing sessions swift, powerful and efficient. She was very sensitive to my needs and non–judgemental throughout the whole process, making me feel safe to entrust my issues to her. All these qualities and her unconditional love for her clients are the mark of a bona fide energy healer and definitely a great friend. Thank you, Ana, for being there and for everything you have done! ♥️♥️🧤 — Gisella Chen

Throat issues and body aches are gone!

Ana helped me remove some really big blocks! I knew I was stuck, but had no clue where it was coming from or why it was there or how to get rid of it. Her intuition was SPOT ON. Right away, she had identified a really big one and I was so impressed! She immediately cleared up some health issues as well, and taught me things about myself that I was always curious about.

Before the session, I was dealing with some upper limit stuff that was making it difficult for me to receive the financial success that I was aiming for. This was also tied into some physical ailments, such as a throat issue and some nagging body aches, but Ana did her healing work on me and since the session, my throat issue is gone and my body aches are gone too!

During the session I felt really loved, seen, and heard, even if I wasn’t saying anything! I LOVED how Ana helped me to feel relaxed (I was so excited) and how you made me feel safe to just…be.

After the session, I felt clarity — energetically, emotionally, and mentally. I felt so grounded. Ana cleared up so many of my deep blocks that were hidden and addressed some core wounds that I knew would keep me stuck if I kept ignoring it.

I loved how easy it was, and it makes me want to keep getting more healing! I’ve also been feeling so much clarity around my purpose and the value I bring to the world, which makes it easier to move forward with some important projects that I’ve been afraid to pursue! Thanks Ana!! — Melissa O.

Completely released the pain by end of session

I was able to release the stuck parts, almost magically, Ana led me through a process that brought me to the feelings and allowed me to feel them. As I called in the uncomfortable feelings, Ana led me to focus on where in my body I felt these feelings before she guided me through a process in which I was able to release the discomfort.

This healing was so complete, miraculous and unique. I enjoyed the insights she facilitated. I liked how I was able to use my imagination to shift these things. I enjoyed the process.

I was amazed that I had completely released the pain by the end of the session. Ana has a kind, sweet manner and she intuitively senses what’s happening. She is honest. Which is much needed and important. During the session, she offers her insight, which helps so much. — Kelly St. Claire

Healed from coronavirus

After suffering with a virus (presumably Covid–19), I had one healing session with Ana. After just the single hour-long session, I felt lighter, could breathe easier even gained back some of my sense of smell. Ana was attentive, asking questions to get a handle on all my symptoms. Absolutely recommend her healing sessions! — K.T.

Healed from divorce & toothache gone

Ana is the most talented healer. She helped me recover from my divorce and she helped me feel strong enough to have a new relationship. Ana is very good at helping me understand my feelings because I don’t always know what I feel.

Ever since I met Ana, I have wanted to expand my knowledge of this universe. She helps me understand the universe. Whenever I feel unsure, I check my intuition and Ana helps me.

My tooth was hurting and Ana made it not hurt anymore. Whenever I feel upset, Ana takes care of me. She is the most important person in my life. She is going to be very successful and I am so proud of her. She is amazing. — H.B.

Huge weight lifted off my shoulders

“Working with Ana and the services she offers is something I would wholeheartedly recommend! I have enjoyed several sessions with her, which include work on the releasing old patterns and energies, lightbody activations, work on self–love and acceptance.

I am writing this in the glow of our most recent session. I am feeling like a huge weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders. I am leaning into the advice to flow and it’s a great experience! Being conditioned to always be active, always be pushing against boundaries and to actively make things happen, it is a huge eye–opener to allow myself to just be at ease and allow the universe to bring the miracles to me.

Ana’s whole approach is uniquely her and doesn’t make trauma more traumatic but just allowing it to be what it is without the tears. We just get on with it, delete what is not helpful and restore balance. She is very calming to talk to and has a good listening ear. — N.R.

Physical tension and lumps of discomfort disappeared

It is a blessing that I was introduced to Ana at a time in my life in which I needed healing most. Having to stay at home and with almost zero me time for an empath is not an easy one. Ana was able to feel my overwhelm and make me feel so relaxed and lighter that during and after our sessions, I was always beaming and felt renewed.

With her gentle questions and suggestions, she has such a beautiful way to guide me through the healing. She makes me feel secure and safe in our sessions so that I can share anything. A caring healer, I feel her sincerity and genuinely in wanting to help.

During the sessions, I felt much of the physical tension in my body disappear. And the huge lump of discomfort around my heart and chest also began to dissolve. During and after the session, I always felt so happy in her presence like as if I had received such a beautiful gift from Ana. Her suggestion on how to proceed whenever I received a request was useful to me and I continue to practise it.

Ana is a beautiful light, just waiting to touch and make a difference in our lives. I recommend her greatly. I am grateful for such a giving healer in these challenging times. — Anusha

Feeling healed and empowered

I thoroughly enjoyed my healing sessions with Ana. She is a very pleasant and sincere healer who feels like a friend who was offering a listening ear while doing healing actively for me. I loved her approach in that the methods both 1) allowed me to be healed (without me doing anything!) and 2) offered me insight into things that may have caused the blockages that I have been feeling. I’m charmed by Ana’s approach and grateful for her sessions!

I was surprised that I had some unresolved grief and guilt that came out during the session. I’m usually a more reserved person but Ana managed to draw out some things that I would usually be unwilling to share or speak more on. I’m glad for her kind and guiding words through the healing which allowed for more insight and healing into myself. I feel more empowered to take charge of things and to improve on aspects of my life that I usually took for granted or can’t be helped.

Ana is a very kind and approachable healer. I didn’t know her personally before the session, so I was grateful how she listens to my issues without judgment and offering healing that she feels is relevant. I feel both healed and empowered by her session and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in their lives! — Adele Tan

Divine feminine energy has awakened and physical pain has left

Ana began by sensing blocked energy in my sacral chakra. I began to sense some subtle movements of energy in my abdomen area and some emotions began rising. I wasn’t sure what the emotions were but they were strong. These emotions were not painful but I felt as though something wanted to be birthed within my womb. This was not a literal birthing but an energetic birthing of whom I truly am. I began sensing a shamanic dance around a fire with me being honored as a goddess, a warrior goddess. Ana received the word Durga, who is the mother of Shakti. Durga is known in the Hindu tradition as the mother of the universe. That was a powerful and moving experience for me.

Next, Ana moved to my solar plexus chakra as I have a lot of digestive issues and pain in the upper abdomen. I sensed slight movement of energy but more than anything I began feeling a deep pain under my left rib cage. Doctors have told me I have a liver problem and I often feel pain on the opposite side of the liver. The doctors have not been able to determine why except they say it is radiating pain. I told Ana about the pain under my left rib cage. It was strong but not unbearable. I suddenly felt as though a knife was slowly being pulled from my rib cage. I told Ana what I was feeling. She asked me if someone had stabbed me and I said yes realizing this was something that happened in a past life. WOW. That was very enlightening to me. She asked me who it was. I didn’t know, at least not for a couple of minutes.

Then I saw who it was. This person is my twin flame. I wondered why he killed me and it took me a moment; but then I realized he did it out of love. Our village was being overtaken by another tribal group and I had convinced my twin flame prior to what was happening that if our village was being taken over and pillaged that I wanted him to kill me. At first he refused. He said he couldn’t do it. It took quite a while but I finally convinced him that I would rather die than be raped and taken into slavery by other men. This was the pain I was feeling in my left side and after a brief time, the physical pain left me.

Ana is an intuitive healer who is able to sense energy in the body as well as knowing which chakras need to be cleared. You do not have to be with the person physically but Ana has the ability to tap into the person’s energy remotely. — Cindy Maddox

Congestion 100% gone & throat nodule decreased by 50%

I had stress and tension. Congestion was bothering me for a solid month. After one session with Ana, my congestion was completely gone. In our work together, she found a block in my throat (I also have a nodule there that has been there for two years). She cleared my congestion and the nodule decreased in size by 50%.

Healing can be calming and even empowering! Ana is a presence that you can welcome into your life. She is incredibly knowledgeable and effective. She is calming and trustworthy. Her healing techniques are gentle and she has a unique way of tuning into you and your energy. — S.L.

Sinus headache and congestion cleared. Feeling much better
I asked Ana to help me heal my sinus issue. My nose would often feel really tight and my breathing was limit to one side. This lack also caused me to have a very mild headache.

Within seconds of Ana starting her healing on me, I felt my sinus congestion clear and the headache go away. I instantly felt the symptoms clear. It was amazing that I felt the results right away. Although the sinus issue has not completely gone away, I felt much better the following days.

The healing was easy. I highly recommend giving Ana a try. It was definitely a unique experience. — John Ng

Pick an issue and watch it dissolve
Pick an issue and watch it dissolve. Ana’s healing technique is like no other I have experienced. Before each session, you set a goal on the block you would like to release. All I can say is get ready as you get what you ask for! If you are ready to stir things up so you can finally gain clarity and aid in healing from the inside, then this is for you. — K.A
Massive shift toward self–love
Ana shifted something massive in me when she did her energy work. I am slowly seeing a more loving self–acceptance for myself and my body, which I am sure is either changing my self–image or actually making me lose weight. I feel much more loving toward my body when I catch myself in a reflection.” — Nicole
Warm and compassionate
Ana brought some beautiful insights to the table. These insights were very supportive in helping me understand myself better and also be at peace with my current situation. I also appreciated how Ana gave permission for me to feel my feelings no matter how “dark” they may have been. She holds a very warm, compassionate space which I also appreciated. — Stacy Michelle
(Price valid through August 2020.)
You receive:
✓ One 80–minute session
✓ One week of email support
✓ DNA activation for 5G protection

Please review the Terms of Purchase before buying. Questions? Please send me an email or a text and I will help. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please also get in touch for instructions.
If you aren’t sure of just how miraculously you can transform, let me give you an idea of what we can accomplish together:

Body & Beauty

Getting started is simple and easy
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Body Blissed: Release of Dis–ease & Health Reboot

Rapid pain release, healing physical issues at their root emotional level; releasing pain, trauma and stuck emotions toward vibrant health

Many of the diseases that we experience were first developed in energy and emotion form long before they manifested into physical symptoms.

In this rapid release private healing program, we work on purifying and releasing stuck emotions, painful memories, trauma, negative beliefs, stress, and energetic imbalances that contribute to physical pain. You will be reconnected to a sense of Divine love and support and be able to intuitively perceive next steps toward positive health and recovery.

This program is not a substitute for professional or medical treatment, advice or diagnosis, and may be a healthful emotional support system for anyone experiencing physical pain in their lives.

Some of the physical symptoms that I have recently helped clients with include:

• Abdominal pain
• Allergies (food and seasonal)
• Bipolar disorder
• Chest congestion
• Chronic fatigue
• Chronic headaches
• Constipation
• Covid–19
• Depression
• Eczema
• Fibromyalgia
• Foot, leg and heel pain
• Gout
• Hot flashes
• Intestinal parasites
• Joint pain
• Menopausal symptoms
• Mercury poisoning
• Muscle aches
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Nodules
• Sinus pain
• Throat pain or sore throat
• Thyroid repair and regeneration
• Toothache

Clients experiencing terminal illnesses or debilitating diseases are eligible for free healing sessions through Ana Coeur Charity Healing. Learn more

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Destiny Unlock: DNA & Lightbody Activation for Balance, Love & Abundance

Revitalize underactive chakras, organs and body systems with DNA purification and activation, quantum leap upgrade with activation of electromagnetic lightbody

We were all born with a human energy system that has, within it, built–in capacity for further development and potential. Residing with us is genetic material that lays dormant until we activate it, bringing us increased gifts, optimized body functioning, vibrant flow, a clear energetic field, heightened intuition and a deepened sense of psychic perception.

Lightbody infusions will also be performed (according to Divine Timing and your what your soul is requesting).In this private healing program, we will work on purifying and activating any underactive chakras, organs, meridians, psychic or body systems by use of DNA purification and activation codes. We will also activate the lightbody as requested by your soul.

Some of these DNA & lightbody activations (in accordance with your higher self) will be performed in sacred sites around the world or in other dimensions or ancient civilizations. Examples of sacred sites and ancient civilizations include Stonehenge, Pyramid of Giza, Atlantis or Lemuria. I facilitate clients to travel to these sites via the use of my MerKaBa. Lightbody activations performed within a sacred site or ancient civilization enable you to be encoded with healing frequencies, light codes, healing technology, DNA activations, and ancient wisdom, and to be infused with sacred geometry, light and sound propelling multiple layers of your body toward instant purification.

Destiny Unlock DNA & Lightbody Activation will be used in every healing program as needed or can be a standalone program for anyone who wishes to focus specifically and extensively on health issues.

Some of the things that we clear and heal include:

• The seven main chakras
• Underground, upper and secondary chakras
• The master glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal and sexual glands)
• Inheriting ancestral memories and blocks
• Implants in the DNA or the astral or etheric bodies
• Alien parasites
• Reboot or rebalance the energies within the major body systems, such as the nervous system, endocrine system or digestive system
• Clear past lives, imprints, cords and vows
• Microbiome activation

Depending on your needs, lightbody activations often consists of:

• Infusing light
• Infusing sacred geometry
• Infusing color codes
• Infusing sound codes
• Infusing crystal frequency technology
• Grounding and integration of lightbody into awareness
• Alignment to Christ consciousness
• Awakening and remembrance of soul purpose
• Instant activation of Christ love and unconditional love
• Resetting of frequencies connecting you straight into the core of the universe
• Integration and remembrance of unconditional love
• Rapid unwinding and instant purging of fears and blocks

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My Sacred Beauty Revolution: Weight Loss & Beauty Transformation

Weight loss, inner beauty and outer beauty transformation

While diet, exercise and genetics influence our weight, the underlying root cause of excess weight comes from unprocessed emotions, traumas and fears that we still carry—from this life or past lives. We may be eating right and doing all the right things, but feel disheartened when the scale doesn’t reflect the weight we technically should have lost after all the effort and “sacrifice.”

Energy healing fast–tracks automatic weight loss because we clear all the barriers that get in the way of your body losing weight on its own. Coupled with listening to and following your body’s intuitive signals, the journey of weight loss becomes an effortless, intuitive and natural experience—without the usual mystery, frustration, toil, despair, or mixed results that come from adopting weight loss formulas, policing yourself to a strict regimen, and “shoulds”.

When the body feels happy and safe, the body knows how to naturally return to its ideal weight for you. The aim of this private healing program is geared toward helping you uncover, process and clear all of the unresolved emotions and energetic waste (from this life and past lives) that prevent your body from losing weight automatically.

In our sessions, we will also clear any acts of self–sabotage and help you to feel safe to lose weight and be beautiful, and appreciate yourself at any shape or size.

We also clear or heal:

• The pain around being beautiful or not feeling beautiful
• Fear of sexuality
• Self–judgment
• Fear of food
• Fear of lack of food or starvation
• Hoarding food or energy/body weight
• Sluggish metabolism
• Blocked lympathic drainage
• Distrust of your body
• Hateful or resentful relationship with exercise
• Craving foods you can’t digest
• Fear of losing weight
• Self–sabotage
• Self–hate or body shame

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Business, Money, Success & Power

Getting started is simple and easy
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6 Impossible Things: Fearless Beliefs Subconscious Reprogram

Transforming negative beliefs into positive beliefs, releasing past life conditioning, removing connections to mass consciousness, reprogramming the subconscious thought patterns, cultivating the success mindset

Subconscious beliefs, unhealthy as they are, didn’t get into our minds by accident: they were programmed into the deepest parts of our psyche from a young age or from our past lives through our relationships, conditioning, mass consciousness, and experiences. The good news is that if they were programmed into our psyche (and they are), it means it can also be deprogrammed or reprogrammed.

So many of our beliefs block us from going after what we love or what makes us happy. We may not even notice these beliefs because they will blip onto our consciousness for shorter than a second, too quick for us to catch, and soon, they may establish as set patterns that will become rigid or spill over onto other limiting beliefs, creating a whole template that contributes toward unhappiness or dis–ease.

In this private healing program, we will work on excavating all of the negative, unhealthy, limited or outdated beliefs that you carry which are hindering you from more joy, love, abundance and power. One by one, we will reprogram your subconscious mind with cherry–picked beliefs which do serve your soul purpose and toward love and joy. When cleared of the beliefs which limit and sabotage you, you may, each day, adopt an attitude of doing six impossible things before breakfast!

For example, a belief of “there is never enough” will be replaced at the subconscious level with the belief of “I am already abundant.” This is different from saying affirmations because affirmations only trigger the polarity within your mind (if you have a negative belief, saying affirmations triggers the truth of how you feel, which is often the opposite of what you are affirming).

In our work, we will energetically release the underlying thought and replace it with positivity so that there is no conflict between what you truly feel vs. what you would like to feel. The positive belief you have programmed will become your default programming.

Sample negative beliefs that can be turned positive include:

• “I am not safe” to “I am safe”
• “I am not good enough” to “I am whole, beautiful and worthy”
• “I will never be beautiful” to “I am a goddess”
• “I am a failure” to “I trust in my power to succeed”
• “I am unwanted” to “I am loved”
• “No one respects me” to “I am worthy”
• “I am weak” to “My body is strong”
• “There is never enough” to “I will always be provided for”
• “No one ever listens to me” to “The sound of my voice is beautiful”
• “Life is hard” to “I am thankful for me”
• “There is never enough time” to “I am safe to relax”
• “Love is hard to find” to “I love myself”
• “He's going to cheat on me” to “I trust myself to know what's good for me”
• “No one likes me” to “I adore myself”
• “I have to give to receive” to “I feel safe to receive”
• “I am guilty” to “I love myself unconditionally”

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Call to Power: Inner Queen & Divine Masculine Activation & Rebalance

Activating your inner Queen, Divine Masculine, and manifestation & success, creative courage and confidence, and balancing action with feminine receiving

Are you confused about what it means to be feminine and how exactly to be feminine while standing up for yourself, going after what you want and making your dreams come true? We are having to rediscover how to be feminine in a world that is predominantly masculine and is driven by taking actions and aggressive behavior.

Your inner queen is your divine masculine energy. The queen is the part of you that knows how to ‘adult’ in life: make money, pay bills, take vitamins, exercise, run a business, and do laundry, to name a few. Many women have a difficult time adulting in their lives or feel dread or resentment in having to do so because their inner queen is imbalanced or underactive. We may even marry spouses who also don’t embody the divine masculine energy (who are still relating to us from their inner child) and become resentful of them for not being the divine masculine that we ought to be ourselves first.

There is also the issue of balancing taking action vs. receiving and being passive and surrendered. How do you know what to be and when and in what situations?

In this private healing program, we work on clearing all of the debris that holds you back from being a powerful, confident queen in all aspects of your life, whether that may be around health, relationships, making decisions, or money. We will also heal any distortions and blocks that you may have around the concept of power, value, and esteem, such as charging money for your services or speaking your truth. After dismantling the old self–esteem system, we will build a new energy system that sources your power and confidence from the divine.

Fears and distortions we may also heal and clear include:

• Fear of femininity
• Unnatural displays of overt masculinity
• Fear of power
• Fear of self–care
• Fear that no one will take care of you
• Distortions around the meaning of power
• Have power but not connected to it
• Feeling unsafe to be a queen
• Fear of money
• Feelings of lack
• Fear of abundance
• Fear of manifestation
• Fear of success
• Fear of grounding
• Chasing after money and fame and inauthenticity

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Creative Courage: Breakthroughs in Self–Expression & Abundance

Confidence in business, creativity, the arts, money making, business building, and creative problem solving

As creators, generating ideas is just the beginning of many steps that take a concept into full physical fruition. Many of us get hung up on a vision so large, so perfect and beautiful that we hold on too tightly and keep ideas locked inside. The fear is that once we take steps to manifest the idea into reality, it could never compare to the perfection that it was when still in idea form.

In this current age, creatives and artists are being pushed to make their ideas into physical reality because their level of abundance and life fulfillment depend on it. If you are a creator who is finding that it is getting more and more difficult to create income doing things you do not love yet staying on the sidelines from passions that could be fully monetized, this healing program is for you.

Many of you are also trying to transition from working at a corporate job into making a lot of money doing what you love. This transition feels much like steering a ship into a new direction, which takes plenty of adjustment, adopting new sets of beliefs, releasing old ones, and making decisions from a new level of consciousness and new desired reality.

As a lifelong creator myself, Creative Courage is designed to help artists and creators to develop complete trust and confidence in their abilities. Taking risks, being bold, trying new things, putting your heart out there, charging money, and risking criticism and being seen are all part of what it takes to be successful.

Some of the things that we clear and heal include:

• Womb healing and activation
• Blocks around art and creativity
• Fear of visibility
• Self–worth and value
• The fear of charging money for your natural creativity
• Timidity
• Outdated beliefs about creativity and abundance
• Transcending survival beliefs so you are able to shed work and lifestyles that no longer make you happy
• Self–sabotage
• Artist’s block / Writer’s block / Musician’s block
• Hating what you create
• Can start but cannot finish
• Self–criticism
• Foggy or confusion about next steps
• Inability to move forward
• Stage fright
• Perfectionism

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My Little Starseed: Spiritual & Emotional Healing for Old Souls in Tiny Bodies

Helping small starseed children to reacclimate to being on Earth in a body, adapt to new life and surroundings, reconcile their feelings around their soul mission, heal homesickness and strengthen soul intimacy with parents

So many lessons are given to a child in the first few years of their life. Not only do they need to learn how to walk, talk, trust, and adjust to their surroundings, but there are additional lessons and circumstances that young starseed children need to be accustomed to.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with a few starseed children and toddlers where their mothers recognized that there was something special about them that they couldn’t quite connect to or put their finger on. Starseed children will have added quirks, interesting behavior, have resistance about doing ‘normal’ things humans do, may have a difficult time being a child, and may struggle with seemingly natural bodily functions.

In my experience, these young children and toddlers experience difficulty adapting to being in a body or returning to Earth, or are over–identifying with their past lives or soul missions—so much so that they live in confusion but yet don’t have the language to express themselves. Frustration, anger and disconnection might be their ways of coping, and it leaves parents wondering what is going on and how they can help.

In this private healing program, I work with the mom or dad and then connect to your little starseed’s energy. I help your child or toddler to acclimate him/herself into this current body and life, release any attachments to their past lives, and help them feel safer, at ease, and at peace with their current soul mission. The healing aims to alleviate their inner confusion and turmoil, and to restore a sense of security, wonder, and play to their lives—so that they are able to enjoy unfolding and creating themselves and to feel inspired to be the creative geniuses they came here to be.

In short, the healing aims to help them feel safe to be little and to be themselves. We work through all layers (as appropriate) of their aura, making this not only about emotional healing for their day–to–day life and relationships, but for their overall spiritual health and relationships with themselves and with the universe.

The price for My Little Starseed is reduced for children 12 and younger. Please use the below checkout button to move forward.

We will clear and heal these blocks and fears within your little starseed:

• Fear of being a child
• Fear of elimination, bathing or washing
• Feeling unsafe within the world’s chaotic or scary energies
• Fear of sleeping or relaxing
• Resistance to play
• Fear of physical touch with parents
• Overidentification with who they were in past lives
• Resistance to accepting or liking themselves as they are now
• Resistance to adventure
• Fear of trusting life
• Fear of trusting the universe
• Fear of trusting their bodies
• Fear of self–expression
• Fear of being oneself
• Fear of vulnerability and getting hurt
• Fear of loss or abandonment
• Disconnection from the world, familly, or friends
• Homesickness for their star system home
• Existential loneliness or longing for something that can’t be seen
• Nightmares
• Sensitivity to negative spirits and inheriting negative programming from them

Love, Self & Relationships

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Sacred Inner Union: Journey to Self–Love

True love with self and others, self–care, blissfulness, nirvana from within. Suitable for twin flames.

When a woman steps fully into her sensuality, an extraordinary transmutation happens: she finds herself in utter blissfulness and adoration of her world, where the act of breathing itself becomes a romantic affair with life (quoting Sadhguru).

This is the journey of feeling like the most beautiful woman in the room—which is a sense of feeling bursting with aliveness, sensuality and a tickling blissfulness. In this private healing program, you will cultivate true divine love within yourself and prepare yourself to experience relationships that are without condition, strings attached, or co–dependency.

With this level of deep security within yourself, you will be free to explore all kinds of healthy relationships without fear of having your heart broken or your power compromised. Maintaining healthy boundaries will feel effortless and there will be a greater sense of ease and joy as you move about in the world due to feeling trusting of yourself, powerful, confident, and in love.

We will also clear and heal all of the blocks that prevent you from:

• Being your own source of love
• Connecting to divine love
• Sensuality, elegance and embodying the feminine energy
• Seeing yourself with eyes of love
• Ability to provide yourself with pleasure and enjoy pleasure
• Falling in love with yourself
• Inner sexiness / Soul sexiness
• Trusting your femininity (healing fear of femininity)
• Trusting your sexuality (fear of sexuality)

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Sacred Love Union: Marriage Repair & Rediscovery

Rebuilding trust, realigning back to love and harmony, dissolving conflict, realigning values

When two people are in conflict with each other, the underlying reason often has nothing to do with the conflict itself or with the other partner but within ourselves.

Marriage therapy programs involve the spouse repeatedly verbalizing the problems and recounting their partner’s behavior. The counselor will then diagnose the problem and recommend action steps which the couple has to implement—forcing new, awkward and unnatural habits.

However, all relationship conflicts begin at the level of our own energy. Change also begins at the level of energy, not at the level of action or even mental understanding.

This unique healing program is designed to help lovers to realign back into a state of peace, flow and harmony within themselves and with each other. I work with lovers both individually and together. We dive into what’s bothering you (and them) to release and resolve underlying tensions, conflict, anger, frustration, jealousy, rate, resentment, bitterness, injustice, exasperation, loneliness, sadness, past life memories, childhood programming, or any other energetic tensions that are preventing love and compassion from flowing naturally within and between you.

There is a common belief that relationships take a lot of work, but my belief is that this work isn’t with each other—the work is within ourselves. We aren’t seeking to simply understand your own behavior or your partner’s behavior. We are seeking to release the underlying energies that contributed to this behavior in the first place, so that the harmony between you is effortless—not a to–do or a relationship goal to achieve.

The result is a sense of union within yourself and also with your partner and a renewal of why you came together in the first place. There will be an increased level of compassion and spiritual understanding of yourself and your partner. You will be able to learn from each other and grow together.

Here are some of the things we will clear and heal:

• Inner child wounding or childhood programming or childhood memories
• Fear of commitment or intimacy
• Expectations from ourselves and from others
• Feelings of regret
• Feelings of loneliness or not being seen and heard
• Conflict, tension, arguments, disharmony and stress
• Differences in values between you
• Feelings of lack of appreciation or respect or feeling dismissed
• Feeling of being used
• Lack or rejection of sexual intimacy
• Feelings of criticism and judgement
• Resistance with forgiving or inability to forgive
• Feelings of drifting apart and not being on the same page or wavelength
• Lack of acceptance of yourself and your partner
• Cultural expectations
• Performance and traditional role expectations
• Facing addictions
• Difficulty and conflict with the partner’s family members or with your own children
• Negative speech tone, such as passive aggressiveness
• Inability to ask for what you want and need
• Accepting or expecting abuse, narcissistic behavior, or gaslighting
• Outgrowing your partner mentally, emotionally or spiritually and next steps
• Falling out of love with your partner and next steps

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Return to Innocence: Healing the Inner Child

Restoring inner child joy, peace and wonder

When life feels lackluster and your spirit feels robbed of magic and joy, it is because the inner child has lost its place in your world. Our inner child is the seat of creativity: it is the intuitive, experimental and boundless part of us that knows no limitations and dreams of realities that stretch beyond what our rational minds may deem impossible or unrealistic.

While not every fantasy can be materially realized, what’s important is that we maintain our connection to our inner child and allow it to come out and play and have a role in our lives. Entrepreneurs who experience creative or financial blocks or who have lost their sense of who they are will find success and harmony rooted in a healthy connection to their inner child.

In this private healing program, we will restore your connection to your inner child and help it to feel safe in the world. We will also clear traumatic childhood memories and rebalance any distortions that your inner child has regarding the early years and your current life. Through intuition and clearing, we will also tap into your inner child’s voice: messages she/he wants you to know and guidance on how to build and maintain trust with him/her so that there is an inner harmony flowing within you.

Our energy work includes helping you to:

• Be your own mother and father (self–parent)
• Be your own daughter or son

During our sessions, we will clear and heal your core wounds including:

• The wounded child
• Abandonment and the fear of
• Shame
• Sense of worthlessness and uselessness
• Self–hate
• Feelings of insecurity
• Feelings of loneliness & isolation
• Establishing firm and healthy boundaries
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of creativity
• Denying your feelings
• Lack of sense of belonging
• Defensiveness, building up a wall, and not letting down your guard when appropriate
• Fear of poverty & homelessness
• Fear of loss
• Fear of the world
• Fear of visibility
• Fear of letting go or relaxing
• Unwillingness to forgive the self and others
• Fear of being a burden or asking for help
• Denial of food, love and attention
• Feelings of sadness, loneliness & homesickness
• Feelings of insignificance
• Feelings related to childhood memories, trauma and abuse
• Post traumatic stress from narcissistic or abusive relationships
• Umbilical cord healing
• Birth healing
• Fetal healing
• Chiron wound

Children victims of sex trafficking are eligible to receive free healing sessions. Please contact me to get started.

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Goddess Rising: Divine Feminine Activation & Transformation

From caterpillar to butterfly, a divinely–guided, Heaven–on–Earth Divine Feminine transformation, ascension and manifestation

You may already know how to manifest money and the things you want in life, but here is the ultimate: do you know how to manifest the real and infinite you? Many of us operate from a very limited version of ourselves: we may only know ourselves as mother, wife, sister, daughter, business owner, creator, supporter, friend, and the like. However, there is an infinite part of your being that wishes to experience full activation in your life: she is your soul, the Divine Feminine Goddess.

The Goddess isn’t what pop culture markets it to be—it isn’t about wearing high heels or lipstick, taking bubble baths, or using crystals. The essence about the Goddess is learning how to be God itself and aligning oneself to a vast creative and birthing power that we normally only associate with the chosen or with the supernatural. A goddess isn’t just equal to god; a goddess is god itself.

When a woman steps fully into her goddess power, an extraordinary transmutation happens: she finds herself in utter blissfulness and adoration of her world, where the act of breathing itself becomes a romantic affair with life (quoting Sadhguru). This blissfulness is not contingent upon anything: not about the state of her health, relationships, love, fear, finances, status, looks, thoughts, haves and have nots. This deep sense of peace, joy and harmony comes from being in absolute communion with the divine and reaching a state of having very few to no opposing thoughts. This deep serenity and inner union is untouchable by any outside circumstances and even by her own emotional fluctuations. This gives her great power to birth and attract what she desires simply because of the consistent and high frequency energy she is emanating.

This private healing program is a very sacred, intimate and profound journey to discover, know and activate your inner goddess. You may already feel a connection to a particular goddess or you may opt to design the goddess that you wish to be. We will clear any distortions you may have about the universe and resolve blocks around trusting the divine, having faith, and surrendering to divine timing. We also heal and clear feelings of powerlessness, traumas around patriarchal experiences, and childhood fears and religious conditioning that have shaped how you perceive the divine.

Some fears and distortions we may heal and clear include:

• Fear of femininity
• Fear of soul purpose
• Feeling unsafe to be a Goddess
• Fear of sensuality, elegance and embodying the goddess energy
• Distrust of the universe
• Fear of surrendering
• Fear of letting go
• Prone to being impatient
• Fear of flowing with the current of life
• Feeling unsafe entering the unknown
• Controlling life, controlling what happens to you and trying to control timing
• Fear of growth
• Fear of divine connection
• Fear of intuition
• Fear of divine timing
• Fear of power
• Fear of powerlessness
• Fear of spiritual sexual power

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“I loved how easy it was, and it makes me want to keep getting more healing!” — Melissa O.

(Price valid through August 2020.)
You receive:
✓ One 80–minute session
✓ One week of email support
✓ DNA activation for 5G protection

Please review the Terms of Purchase before buying. Questions? Please send me an email or a text and I will help. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please also get in touch for instructions.
My Role in Your Healing Journey & My Code of Ethics

My client recently said to me, “I know you do all of this out of unconditional love. I felt you just wanted the best for me or anyone else for that matter.” And she’s right!

Each of these fears and distortions that you see on this page is something that I’ve already healed within myself—through to the very end! Because I’ve done it myself already, I know exactly how to guide you through, how each piece is connected, and how to help you establish a new energetic patterning toward love, joy, and power.

Here is what I promise you in our work together:

• I promise to teach you my wisdom gained through my personal experiences, and then help you reach your own truth.

• I promise to uphold an atmosphere of inclusivity, openness, safety, love and compassion so that you can speak freely and dive deeply without fear of being judged or shamed.

• I promise to give you the highest part of myself and guide you from unconditional love and acceptance.

• I promise to witness your journey without judgment. I will never shame you or dismiss your feelings or intuition.

• I only work in accordance with Unconditional Love, Divine White Light and the Highest Spiritual Truth.

• I never manipulate your energy or try to change you if you don’t desire to be changed. With every step that we take in the healing session, I first seek your consent and explain what I will be doing before it is done.

• All of the information within our sessions and correspondence are strictly confidential unless you give me your written consent where I may use the contents of our session for educational or sharing purposes. I am the only one who has access to my email account so all emails between us are confidential as well.

• You are always included in your healing process. I hold a space of warmth, respect, gentleness, love, compassion and safety so that you feel safe to share your heart and feel held, seen and heard.

• I am by nature a curious person and I like to get to the bottom of things. Always, I will be considering your level of comfort and openness before we dive anywhere that’s uncomfortable and I hold space for the very best for you.

• I truthfully declare that I never guarantee results or outcomes for my work. Each person and situation is unique. While I always perform my absolute best, I provide my clients with 100 percent authority and power for them to be fully responsible for their own experiences, transformation and results.

“Pick an issue and watch it dissolve.
Ana’s healing technique is like no other I have experienced.” —K.A.

(Price valid through August 2020.)
You receive:
✓ One 80–minute session
✓ One week of email support
✓ DNA activation for 5G protection

Please review the Terms of Purchase before buying. Questions? Please send me an email or a text and I will help. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please also get in touch for instructions.

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