A utopia of imagination & romance

From the world of French luxury comes Ana Coeur, a heartfelt brand selling its distinctive creations: Haute Coeurture statement furniture and objets d'art. Each interior jewel is dreamed up by creative visionary Coeur and brought to life by French heritage craftsmanship and savoir–faire.

Uniquely intuitive with a taste for romance and profound meaning, Coeur envisions what doesn’t exist and dreams imagination into life. Her signature touch is to create Haute Coeurture™—heart–stirring, one–of–a–kind statement pieces, each sincerely imbued with Divine Love, each dreamed to life from the deepest interiors of her heart and imagination.

Coeur’s mission is to create treasures that are not just objets, but rich emotional experiences that awaken your heart, leave a mark on your soul and invite you to live inside her world of creation, expression, adventure, imagination and romance.

Coeur has appeared in: The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Asia, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Sing Tao Daily, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times, Celebrity Access, Yellow Magazine and more.

Born in Hong Kong and a citizen of Europe, Coeur enjoys traveling, dancing, creating, cooking, shopping, daydreaming and writing.

Fairy tales are real,
Heaven is on Earth,
Love is all there is.