Luxury Designer, Healer, Artist, Creator

My name is Ana Coeur, which stands for ‘heart’ in French. I am a self–love goddess and Cupid.

My vision is two–fold: one, to bring Heaven on Earth, where love and joy are the norm and where fairy tales and imagination come to life; two, to heal the world’s heart through my messages and creations. I lead a life of quiet romance and am passionate about self–love, love, relationships, inner beauty, outer beauty, fashion, art, design, creation, writing, conscious entrepreneurship, healing, spirituality, intuition, travel, and adventure.

As a creator, I am always working on something! Coeur the Cupid® is my creative heartchild where I write fictional novels and produce original entertainment that brings healing to girls and women. As a luxury creator, I am the owner of Ana Coeur where I design and manufacture fairytale–like furniture made in the lush forests of France. I am also a business coach, copywriter and web designer for online entrepreneurs.

Apart from that, I enjoy watercolor painting and cooking healthy foods. As a hermit, I tend to go deep within and truly enjoy my own company. When I’m at home, you’ll find me playing with my divination decks (I am an avid collector), creating, painting, drawing, reading, or energy healing on myself and others.

A child at heart, I love to play and actively seek to create and reveal the mystery of me. My true nature is one of lightheartedness, openheartedness, laughter and joy. If you’d like to spend time in my universe, I’d love to share, have your company and learn from each other.

To love & fairy tales coming true,

Goddess & Angel Ana Coeur