Thank you so much for coming to this Divine Bridal Sanctuary that I hope you will call your own. My name is Ana Coeur (pronounced like 'courage'!). I am Cupid, a Divine Love Goddess, Furniture, Fashion and Product Designer, Artist, Author, Inner Beauty Queen, and a Divine Child of the Universe.

The reason I created this Bridal Sanctuary is because I wholeheartedly believe in fairy tales being true, in romance, and in Heaven on Earth. To me, Life is a very romantic affair within the self, with the divine, and with those we love. Romance isn't just stuff we do but is an exquisite energy that we can feel from within.

Although this may be a digital bridal sanctuary, this isn't just limited to wives or brides–to–be. To me, we are all brides, offering our hearts and souls to be in union with the divine. Marriage happens not only with another person but within yourself and with the universe. That's the kind of sacred energy and information that I hope to impart to you. Whether you are about to get married, looking to get married, or have no interest in marriage and just want to be more intimate with your own soul, you've come to the right place.

Besides the content you find here, I will soon be launching treasures for the divine bride, beginning with luxury furniture manufactured in the lush forests of France and bridal haute couture made by hand in Paris. It excites me so much to be offering my heart and soul to all manner of brides in the world and I can't wait to grow this space with you!

If there is anything you'd like to see or if you'd like to work directly with me, please reach out or look for me on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to hear from you and get to know you.

Until then, please receive my deepest gratitude and joy for your presence here, and I send you big blessings and above all, radical unconditional love.

Fairy tales are real,
Heaven is on Earth,
Love is all there is.