Ana Coeur Companies
The world has enough practical chairs—four legs and a seat. It’s time for show–stoppers.

Birthed in the deep, lush forests of France, Ana Coeur™ furniture is whimsically imagined, meticulously designed, and handcrafted to perfection. Materials used include beechwood, gold and silver leaf, metals, crystal accents, and lacquer.

Design styles feature hints of Art Deco coupled with French Chinoiserie. The signature energy of Ana Coeur™ pieces embody a sublime fairy tale dreaminess with elegant, feminine beauty. Intended to be show–stoppers, Ana Coeur™ furniture is meant to be featured as centerpieces and attractions in luxury living spaces.

Magical stories for lovers & dreamers

The brainchild of Ana Coeur, Coeur the Cupid® is the story about an angel coming to Earth to teach others how to love themselves, the planet, and each other. Published as short stories, full–length novels, and upcoming podcasts, these whimsical, lighthearted adventures are intended to touch the hearts of adults and children alike with magic and wonder.

P.S. TLC = True Love & Chocolate

Cutting–Edge Energy Healing for the Spiritually Courageous

Coeur’s passion in medical intuition and healing started long ago but it wasn’t until 2020 when she began healing others. Her quest toward miraculous, instantaneous healing led her work directly with the divine and her abilities seemingly exploded overnight.

Coeur opened her healing practice to raving reviews, dissolving complex, longstanding medical issues such as Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, cancer, chronic fatigue, and mysterious chronic pain for clients—many times within minutes.